Copper State Technology, LLC

Keeping your computer and data safe.

Viruses, malware and other Internet threats continue to increase in quantity and capability every day. Every time you open an unknown email, click on a web link or even open a PDF, you increase the chances of having malware injected directly into your computer. What can you do? Here are some of the actions that we use daily here at Copper State Technology.

Web Browser.

Operating system (Windows & Mac).

Data Backups.

Anti-virus and Anti-malware.

Passwords and Security.


Financial Data.

Many organized criminal groups are hacking into small businesses' computer into order to To keep your company's financial data safer, you might consider using just one computer to access all your online accounts. You might setup a single PC or Mac to access your cash accounts, credit lines and/or vendors. This machine would not be used check email nor visit any other Internet sites. This machine would only be used to access your sensitive financial data. By visiting only a handful of financial entities rather than the entire Internet, you can reduce the likelihood of being infected by Internet malware.

These Internet security topics are in no particular order and this is not an exhaustive list. No one thing or even a collection of ideas can keep a computer perfectly secure. The Internet becomes a more dangerous place every day. Even small businesses with only a handful of PCs are not immune to Internet threats.

Please learn as much as you can about Internet Security. Brian Krebs has good resources at his blog regarding Internet security.