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November 2011 - Blog Archive

05 November 2011 ~ Backblaze.

Trying another online backup system. This time it is Backblaze.

They offer a decent partial backup. All your data, files and music/movies. No system files. (Still waiting for a complete full-system online backup/restore service.) Backblaze offers three ways to restore your data. 1. Download. 2. A DVD can be shipped to you. 3. A USB drive can be shipped. Interesting.

Their blog is very interesting. Shows how they build their data center and how they keep their costs low. I'll update my results after the trial period is over.

Do you have an online backup service?

03 November 2011 ~ Lobby.

I would like to continue with the coffee shop theme. No name calling to protect the guilty.

Our local neighborhood coffee shop leaves so much to be desired. Unfortunately for us, there is only the one coffee shop anywhere near us that serves espresso. (Come on folks, bring more coffee to Phoenix!)

Compared with Urban Beans, my local (national) coffee shop is dirty, unfriendly and only pulls an average shot. Location is its only redeeming feature.

I would propose three immediate changes to our local shop. I don't believe they would cost the store manager a dime.
1. Sweep/mop the floor. 2. Have someone wipe down and restock the counters every few minutes. Clean the restrooms while you are at it. 3. Most importantly: Make eye contact and smile at your customers!

A certain amount of folks will always visit our local coffee shop due to convenience. Some will visit just to be part of the national brand. This shop has an advantage. There are no other local coffee shops anywhere nearby. I am not asking that the store manager upgrade his products, just upgrade the customer experience while waiting in the lobby for coffee.

Are you relying upon being the only business in town? What happens if a competitor opens up shop near you? How will you react? (Why wait for a competitor to arrive, make those changes now.)

01 November 2011 ~ Tables & Chairs.

Noticed an interesting layout in our favourite coffee house. None of the chairs and tables seem to match. Looks like everything was recycled from the local Goodwill. The artwork is all locally produced and is quite eclectic. The floor looks like the original concrete.

I have been to many business establishments where everything had to match. Often, an expensive interior designer populates the lobby with art, furniture and selects the color scheme. It looks good but feels sterile. Urban Bean's layout feels warm and invites folks to sit, drink coffee and interact with folks.

How do you decorate your lobby?