Copper State Technology

The nuts and bolts of what we do.

1. We sell computers.

• Name brands like Dell, HP or Apple.
• Custom built PCs. Economical to High-End.
• Microsoft Servers.
• We also sell all the odd-n-ends needed for a computer network.

2. We monitor and administrate computer networks.

• Monitor the health of your network, servers and routers/firewalls.
• Manage users' network & email passwords.
• Update PC software.
• Monitor antivirus software.
• Repair PCs.
• IT Help Desk.
• Monitor data backups.
• Manage IT security.
• IT Capital Budgeting.
• Liaise with your vendors regarding IT issues.

3. New Office Setups.

• Turn-key packages.
• We can work with your leasing company.
• Link offices together (VPN).
• Setup robust data backup process.
• Everything from computers, network cabling, printers, phones, and Cox/Quest.

4. Pricing?

• Call by call basis.
• Call by call + monthly monitoring of server/antivirus/data backups. (Preferred.)
• Month to Month contract.
• Yearly contract.
• Never a charge for something we cannot fix!

Software Development

We write software.

We get to build things using just a keyboard (and sometimes the mouse.) Web applications and the databases that drive them are our specialty. Brad Lees is our in-house programmer.

Brad writes software (for web applications) using Java, PHP, Visual Basic, and C#. He creates databases in SQL Server, mySQL, Postgresql, and Oracle. Looking for iPad/iPhone apps, Brad can do that too. Brad even wrote a book on the subject.

Looking to put your business application on the Internet? Need a local programmer to support your current software? We have that person for you.
Call us and we will stop by for a visit.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

We have plenty of experience working together with medical practices and their EHR vendors.

Plenty of EHR packages to choose from these days. A key question for a medical practice is whether to store your data locally on your own server or have the medical system hosted by the EHR vendor “in the cloud.” Either way, Copper State Technology can help you decide what hardware to purchase.

We support the following EHR packages: Allscripts, Varian Oncology, Digichart, (Vitera) Sage Intergy, ChartLogic and NetPractice (MARS & EHR Web). We are getting better at supporting Made2Manage.

Thinking of an EHR package that we haven't listed? We will make it work for your medical practice.

Data Backups and System Redundancy

This is something we are passionate about!

You need multiple backups of your important business data. One of those backups should be offsite or in the “cloud.” We see computers (and servers) crash all the time. The first question we ask is “Do you have a backup?” Having an easily accessible backup copy of your data makes things much easier.

You should have three copies of all your important business data. If you don't, please give us a call. There is never a charge to discuss data backups.

Do you have a plan to continue your business' operations if your server or router gives up the ghost? Again, please give us a call to discuss. We can give you some options that highlight the cost/benefits of system redundancy.